“PB-V” WEB-design agency was founded by Bohdan Ponomarenko
in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I always had a passion for marketing, design and retail. In the early days of business we primarily designed websites for small business clients in Czech Republic and Baltic States, worked through major European retailers.

We was confident when founding my own web design firm in 2013 because I was never just technical — I’ve managed multi-million dollar projects, given presentations to major corporation top-brass and trained professional sales people in the use of my systems at national sales meetings. So I typically talk jargon-free to my clients: medical doctors, lawyers, architects and financial planners; massage therapists and yoga instructors; the small business owners and high finance entrepreneurs; the librarians and nonprofit treehuggers. I have a great job.

When you call +38(067) 231 14 84, you will talk to me. I will always be your point of contact and will manage every aspect of your project. All work on your project will be performed either by me and assistants under my supervision at our office here in Kyiv, Ukraine.